Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home is a beautiful reflection of the simplistic genius in how 90’s movies somehow tended to one’s heart than one’s brain. Not that this movie is intellectually deficient or anything. It can’t be, more so because the story is autobiographic.

At first impression, the first few scenes somehow come across as an extremely well-made indie drama. But that’s not such a bad thing, because before you know you’re completely enthralled by the mesmerising landscapes across Ontarian country sides.

The story is as simple as this. A young girl has to movie in with her father after the death of her mother. There already is friction in this father-daughter duo owing to the fact that the parents weren’t together. The father is an inventor. The daughter is at the cusp of teenage melodrama. This is simply the base of the movie. the core plot lies in how the daughter happens to adopt some geese and these geese have to be migrated to the south during winter.

This right here is my favourite thing about the 90s. Anything is possible. And believable. Director Caroll Balard has a knack of being inclusive of an animal storyline in the primary arc. And he does a beautiful job at it. The story progresses organically, where the broken father daughter dynamic is mended by virtue of their bonding in this new goal of having to help a bunch of geese migrate down south. Now, if the movie was just this, I would’ve been satisfied. The minimalism in the story and the extraordinaire in the cinematography was already hitting the mark. But the story, like any 90’s movie had to hold roadblocks and tiny obstacles, which would effortlessly be overcome, only to obviously entail a happy ending.

Easily, the best part of the movie are the actors. At helm of this cast is the talent of Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin. Daniels is wonderful in playing a self-absorbed yet loveable struggling father who has a conflicting relationship with the surprisingly wonderfully portrayed, self discovering, strong teenage daughter.

This is one of those movies that is simply easy on the eyes and even more comforting on the mind.

-Anuj Raghuram

Anuj is a musician and writer who moonlights as an engineer. Being a massive movie/TV show enthusiast, if only he could get could paid for watching anything and everything. This Hogwarts alumnus is one with the Force, and the Force is one with him.


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