Captain America: Civil War

First things first. I am more of a DC *cough* Batman *cough* fan than a Marvel’s. But one can’t help admit that barring Nolan’s trilogy, Marvel has been thulping DC when it comes to the cinematic universe. When you think about it, Marvel does have an unfair advantage. The fact that before the MCU became a thing, DC dominantly eclipsed Marvel. The advantage that Marvel had was in their unpopularity. We have grown up knowing Batman. Like KNOWING him. Every interpretation that’s been out there, we have breathed it in and nurtured it like as if Batman belonged to each of us. Which is why every time there’s a new Batman, every time there’s a new interpretation, we have uneasiness adapting to it.

Now when it comes to Marvel, most of the characters in the current MCU, have had very few versions prior to them. Even if any did exist, they have been a tad unknown to even really matter. Therefore, every time a new Marvel superhero dawned on the big screen we welcomed them with open arms.

I noticed one interesting thing when BvS came out. Every time someone said that they didn’t really like the movie, there was another defending it with a response “That’s cause you’re not a true comics fan. If you knew the comics you’ll know that this movie is just perfect.”

Now that’s the thing. Your audience is not just the comic book fans. Its everyone. THIS is where Marvel just nailed it. Right from the first Iron Man movie, they have just stuck to taking inspiration from their comics and resorting to only translating its entertainment quotient accurately.

I think its unnecessary to warn you that I’m likely gonna draw parallels to BvS, but you should’ve figured that out by now.

The premise of Civil War is a very fundamental but essential conflict. A proposition is made that the Avengers be governed by a globally appointed regulatory body sanctioned by the UN that presides over everything that they do. This tears apart the Avengers into two wings. Captain America is against it, but Iron Man thinks its a fair proposal. I love how they establish how Iron Man, a rebel in nature, comes about to support this. Which is a contrast to how BvS is all about Batman not liking Superman and this only because Batman was gullible enough to fall for all of Luthor’s ploys.

Now this is NOT an Avengers movie but a standalone Captain America one. It’s fantastic how even though other characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther and even Vision have ample screen time, this still felt like a standalone Captain America movie.

The epic fight scene at the airport is everything that you’re expecting. (Fine fine I’ll admit it, the BvS climatic fights were equally epic) But what stands out in this film are the new Avengers recruits. Black Panther is exciting. He doesn’t really pick a side in the movie, and there is so much promise to his solo production. Ant Man is brilliant. Probably one of the characters I was most excited to watch join the Avengers ever since Paul Rudd’s fantastic rendition of the character last year.

Finally, the most looked forward to aspect of the movie. Spider-Man. This Spider-Man is recruited right at his very primitive stage of discovering his superhero-ness. He’s still in high school, and he’s immensely skilled and insanely hilarious. And that’s all I’m gonna say about him, cause you’ve got to experience him yourself.

I initially thought Holland’s casting was a bad idea because he was ridiculously young and I was really starting to enjoy Andrew Garfield. But then when you see the new Aunt May, you just wish that Spider-Man has signed like at least 6 other standalone movies in the nearest future.

The only thing that I didn’t like in the movie was that there is no real closure to the conflict. There is an ending to the movie, but we are still unaware as to what every Avenger’s new stance is. This of course is a conscious execution because this is a set up for Avengers Infinity War. And frankly, I think this is where BvS got it right, when Batman finally shook hands with Superman to take on a much bigger issue. Again this is obviously whats gonna happen in the Avengers movie.

All in all, this is worth your time and money. If not for anything else, go watch it for Aunt May even though she’s on for like a couple of minutes only.

-Anuj Raghuram

Anuj is a musician and writer who moonlights as an engineer. Being a massive movie/TV show enthusiast, if only he could get could paid for watching anything and everything. This Hogwarts alumnus is one with the Force, and the Force is one with him.


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