This Is Us (Season 1)

In a world where your television set is infested with everything from banal sitcoms to zombies and vampires, and even dragons if you may, ‘This Is Us’ is a pleasant awakening. Dramas enjoy embracing darkness and grit, but ‘This Is Us’ isn’t even your normal family drama.

There is great acting, lovely directing and most importantly some very very comforting writing. ‘This Is Us’ does something that only an esteemed league of TV shows can do. It has you emotionally invested. It has you journeying through an episode, embracing a story that’s real (or at least seems to get as real as it can). It has you sitting back and rooting for these characters. You genuinely start caring for these characters. You conveniently write yourself into this family. And most unexpectedly, you will find yourself bawling away at some point in an episode. Worst of it, is that you won’t see it coming.

These guys put out a perfect pilot, in the sense that I don’t mean it was a perfect episode, but in that it helps you best understand whether this show deserves your audience or not. We’ve seen TV shows lose their charm or change their colours after the pilot, but ‘This Is Us’ tells you exactly what you’re in store. At least, sentiently.

All in all, this show is the warmest,most comfortable hug, that a TV show can possibly albeit intangibly give. If you’ve sat yourself through an array of disastrous television programs, this is your tonic. If you’ve noticed I haven’t mentioned anything at all with regard to what the stories are, or who the characters are. That is consciously done, so that you can enjoy the show more, knowing less.


-Anuj Raghuram

Anuj is a musician and writer who moonlights as an engineer. Being a massive movie/TV show enthusiast, if only he could get could paid for watching anything and everything. This Hogwarts alumnus is one with the Force, and the Force is one with him.


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