Trance is Danny Boyle’s attempt at an hypnotherapy based noir grounded by an art heist. That is all that’s literally the most interesting thing about the movie. That someone of the accord as Boyle is giving a shot at something as intriguing as a graphic thriller.

This movie tries very very hard at being something of value, but hits and misses every single time. The movie begins with the art heist, orchestrated by a team lead by Vincent Cassel’s character. This very first scene alone let me down with what felt like a very mediocre robbery attempt for a movie at least. I wasn’t expecting a very Hollywood-esque heist, but the whole attempt was so bland that I was almost so satisfied that they failed so miserably. This very scene also has James McAvoy giving us somewhat of a fourth-wall breaking run through of the scene which is mildly interesting at its best.

The rest of the first act somehow manages to pick up though. The intrigue is built, the characters are established and we are also introduced to the terribly underrated, Rosario Dawson. As the movie progresses hence, Boyle very boldly attempts some enthralling camera work and lighting inconsistencies to give Trance the chaotic aura it’s meant to implore. But then you tend to notice how some scenes are just endorsing much arbitrations, which in a way again was probably supposed help the audience adapt to the cinematic chaos. Eventually it all entangles up into a broodily underwritten climax that might either wow you or disappoint to a level of immense frustration. No inbetween.

Some of the movies twists may come across as weakly contrived, and if you throw the arbitrations of scenes that I mention before, you tend to wonder whether all the questions that the movie makes your ask, are actually answered at all in the end. Whether all the pieces fall into place or not, at least you get an idea of what the intended story was, at the end of the movie. That may probably be the only good thing though.

The music scoring felt a bit all over the place but in retrospective was probably intentional. All in all, Trance was meant to be a ride thats captivating albeit mental, but I for one was very unimpressed, and to be honest I’d recommend you watch this only if you’re an absolute fan of anyone involved in the movie.

-Anuj Raghuram


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