Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by at this Green Room. If you haven’t noticed already, we just love to gab about movies and stuff. We ain’t here to ‘critique’ anything, so much so that we never understand how anyone can actually validate art so objectively as putting a rating on it.

Then what exactly do you do here ,man?

Ah! Good question, my friend. I’m glad you asked that. (I mean, you didn’t really ‘ask’ it, but it was what you were thinking. BAM! Just blew your mind didn’t I?)
Anyhoos. As we were saying. What we do here is, we love to write about movies and shows or anything of that form, that we experienced. We just write about them. Because we love to. Both writing AND movies. So. You’re welcome to read, agree, disagree, enjoy, share and any more verbs that seem relevant.

So yeah. That’s all we’re ‘about’. Hang around and stay in touch.